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Salts Neutraliser

Kills 'salts' in walls. Can be used on bare masonry, bare render or bare plaster - will not penetrate paint. Usage rate: apply with a brush at a rate of 5 - 10 square metres per litre, depending on the roughness of the surface, twice. Damp the wall with fresh water before each coat.

Salts Neutraliser for damp walls and floors

Coverage - allow 5 to 10 square metres per litre, depending on wall roughness.

1 litre - £14.70 -

5 litre - £47.35 -

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Tanking Slurry Powder

20kgs - Professional with BBA Certificate, in a tough plastic pail - just add water. For coating concrete, brick and stone walls and floors.

Brushing Tanking Slurry

Coverage - 2 to 3 square metres of two coats

Apply with a soft brush - wall paper type or from a dustpan and brush set.

Tanking - 20kgs - £60.00 -

Universal Joint Filling Mix - Fillet Seal for the floor to wall gap joint.

Universal Fillet Seal - 25kgs - £53.60 -

Leakstop - Hydraplug, for instant leak and weep sealing.

Hydraplug, 5kgs - £23.98 -

In re-sealable plastic pail.

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Wall Mesh Membrane Kits with FREE Damp Proofing Cream included

Replaces sand and cement render after the insertion of a Damp Proof Course - special 1 metre roll cut to size. Only 3mm thick. Plaster or fix plasterboard with adhesive.

Mesh Membrane with plug being hammered.

Also available in 2 metre widths, 3mm or 7mm thick. Call 01626 872886 for help.

Fix with bang in plugs, then Plaster or Plasterboard.

For full Membrane information:

Click here to Visit our Specialist Membrane Shop

Prices for Example Kits - Plaster Slimline Mesh Membrane Kits with Plugs and Sealing Rope

Kit 2 - £40.27 - 2 x 1 metre -

Kit 3 - £50.49 - 3 x 1 metre -

Kit 6 - £81.16 - 6 x 1 metre -

Kit 10 - £141.63 - 10 x 1 metre -

Many other Kits are available or you can purchase complete rolls of Membrane, plus accessories to suit.

Note - we can offer lower prices if you wish to use Plasterboard, (instead of plastering with Bonding and Finish}

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Technoseal Rubber SBR Based Tanking Paint

Use outdoors or indoors - one pack. Ultra strong damp proofing rubber membrane, applied by brush, available in black and white.

Perfect for sealing walls partly below ground, external walls below the DPC and to seal damp concrete floors.

Technoseal water based rubber liquid

5kgs covers about 20 sq. metres on a smooth surface.

Can be used under plaster or a screed to provide a damp proofing layer.

Buy Technoseal SBR Based Rubber Paint

Black - 5kgs - £30.46 -

White - 5kgs - £30.46 -

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Ultra Epoxy Tanking Seal Coat Paint - use indoors only - two pack.

Ultra Epoxy Seal coating is perfect for sealing damp concrete floors, damp screeds, damp slab and tiled floors, to prevent the passage of moisture and moisture vapour.

Epoxy Seal Coat - clear, red or grey

1 litre - 2.5 to 4 square metres

Brushing Ultra Epoxy Seal Coat Clear

Can be used to prepare old or new concrete or screeded floors for direct laying of wooden floors. It acts as a complete vapour barrier.

Coverage rates - smooth surfaces, per coat

1 litre - 2.5 to 4 square metres

2.5 litres - 6.25 to 10 square metres

5 litres - 12.5 to 20 square metres

Allow for two coats minimum. Cover the top coat, whilst wet, with dry gritty sand to give a key for adhesives.

Prices for Ultra Epoxy Seal Coat

Ultra Epoxy Seal coating - Clear

£38.65 per 1 litre -

£66.35 per 2.5 litres -

£124.47 per 5 litres -

Ultra Epoxy Seal coating - Grey

£38.65 per 1 litre -

£68.24 per 2.5 litres -

£128.42 per 5 litres -

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Bondacryl - SBR Based Additive

1. Bonds a repair mortar (sand and cement) to old concrete or render, when used as a primer.

2. Makes a sand and cement mix waterproof, when used instead of water.

3. Allows 'screeds' to be laid much thinner than normal - down from the normal 50mm minimum to 12.5mm thick.

4. Reduces shrinkage and the risk of cracking when used in sand and cement mixes.

Liquid Bonding Additive for cement based repairs - waterproofing and anti shrink

Usage rate - see our guide in the Data Sheet - click here.

Buy Ultra SBR Additive Bondacryl

Bondacryl 2.5 litre - £18.96 -

Bondacryl 5 litre - £28.94 -

Bondacryl 25 litre - £98.88 -

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Replastering Finishing Pack

The Pack includes Replastering Additive for the Render backing coats (2.5 litres), Boron Gel 20% (500cc) for treating the back of skirting boards, Replastering Paint (2.5 litres) which breathes and Anti-Mold Additive (2 x 50cc) to prevent mould growth in your new paint.

Renderproof - concentrate for sand and cement plaster/render - add water at 40:1 - 2.5 litres for 10 square metres, 5 litres for 20 square metres.

Renderpruf waterproofing additive for sand and cement renders

Replastering Paint - For use after replastering, either with sand and cement backing coats or normal, lightweight Gypsum plasters. This paint is special - it breathes - allow water vapour to pass through. The walls dry out properly and the paint does not bubble or lift off, as a regular vinyl paint might. It is also an Anti Mould paint, actively preventing the growth of surface moulds, such as Black Spot Mould.

Replastering paint - for newly plastered walls

Discounted product pack

Kit - £73.48 -

Replastering Additive alone -

2.5 litre - £15.97 -

5 litre - £25.87 -

Replastering Paint -

£15.88 - Replastering Paint -

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Professional Quality Damp Meter

with Timber and Masonry digital scales, battery and calibration test facilities.

Damp Meter measuring wood moisture content

Damp Meter - £67.87 -

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Handy Hygrometer for measuring Relative Humidity and Air Temperature. This allows you to prevent Mould growth by either regulating the heating and ventilation, or by adjusting your Dehumidifier. A vital tool for assessing the risk of Condensation.

Humidity Tester - hygrometer for home use

Jumbo Readout - £24.20 -

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Quick DIY Master Class in Dampness and Condensation

50 pages of solid information in an A5 format.

Become your own Expert in 1 hour! Buy our "Dampness in Buildings" reprinted book by national dampness treasure, Graham Coleman. A great read, short and to the point.

Printed Book - £14.99 -

Book Download only - £5.99 -

For more Surveying Tools go to our Surveying Shop: click here

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