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Damp Meters

Damp Meter - Pin Type

Professional Damp Meter with Timber and Masonry digital scales, battery and calibration test facilities.

Tip - ask for our FREE guide Data Sheet which describes how to use Damp Meters and explains the meaning of common patterns of readings. Ring Angela or David for Free Help on 01626 872 886 .



Damp Meter being used in wood

Testing wood for moisture content




Buy Professional Grade Damp Meter

£67.87 plus VAT -






Damp Book

Quick DIY Master Class in Dampness and Condensation - become your own Expert in 1 hour! Buy our "Dampness in Buildings" reprinted book by the great expert Graham Coleman. A great read, short and to the point.



How to diagnose dampness in buildings book by Coleman


Buy Masterclass Book Reprint

£14.99 plus VAT -

Buy Masterclass Book as a Download to your computer

Download £5.99 plus VAT -



Humidity Meters

Home Condensation Monitor - measures air temperature and moisture content

Handy Hygrometer for measuring Relative Humidity and Air Temperature. This allows you to prevent Mould growth by either regulating the heating and ventilation, or by adjusting your Dehumidifier. A vital tool for assessing the risk of Condensation.

Standard Size Readout or Jumbo Size

Humidity and temperature readings plus memoryLarge numbers on our Hygrometer with memory

Both with Memory

Buy Standard Size Readout

£23.40 plus VAT -

Buy Jumbo Size Readout

£24.20 plus VAT -

Temperature Test

Cold Spot Thermometer - infra red with Laser pointer - point and read

An infra red instant surface temperature is read on the display and can be stored in the memory. The Laser Pointer can be selected to read exact positions, ideal for checking for cold spots on walls. Frequently used where penetrating dampness is suspected, to detect dirty walls ties and locate gaps in cavity wall insulation.


Point and click Surface Thermometer

Measure surface temperatures

Fitted with Memory

Buy Surface Thermometer

£67.50 plus VAT -

Crack Movement Test

Standard Tell Tale - as shown above. Held in the central start position, ready for fixing, with tape, which you simply cut with a knife once the unit is screwed or glued in place.



Tell Tale Plus - as above but with four pegs to locate the unit in the central, start position. You remove the four pegs once the unit is screwed or glued in place.



Corner Tell Tail - monitors horizontal and vertical movement across a crack in a corner. Use singly to monitor two dimensional movement, or use in pairs to monitor three dimensional movement. Reconfigure the Tell Tale components to monitor cracks between ceilings and walls or floors and walls.


Displacement Tell Tale - monitors horizontal and displacement movement where there is a “step” across a crack due to displacement or “out of plane” movement. The Tell Tale consists of three components. A base plate (not calibrated) a top plate (which is calibrated) and a graduated ruler. The ruler is not left on the gauge but is used to measure the relative movement in the two plates each time you test the situation.





Standard Tell Tale kit

Tell tail shows building crack movement

Tell Tale Plus Kit

Movement detactor for building cracks

Corner Tell Tale Kit

Corner movement detector for building cracks

Shows 2 Kits used together


Displacement Tell Tale Kit

Displacement crack detector for buildings



Buy Standard Tell Tale Kit

£14.98 plus VAT -





Buy Tell Tale Plus Kit

£19.98 plus VAT -




Buy Corner Tell Tale Kit

£39.86 plus VAT -





Buy Displacement Tell Tale Kit

£32.97 plus VAT -






Protimeter Mini - The Protimeter Mini can be used for making rapid moisture assessments in a wide range of building materials including wood, masonry, drywall, plaster and concrete. The instrument measuring pins are small and sharp which means measurements can be taken at the surface with virtually no mark left behind.


Protimeter Surveymaster - The Dual Mode Moisture Meter.

The NEW Surveymaster incorporates two modes of operation - search and measure (non-invasive and pin type). Search and measure enable the user to distinguish surface moisture from sub-surface moisture, essential information when trying to establish the extent and cause of a moisture problem.

Protimeter Mini

Protimeter Mini Meter with extension

Shown with extension wire & probe

Surveymaster Protimeter



Buy Protimeter Mini

£125.00 plus VAT -






Buy Protimeter Surveymaster

£325.00 plus VAT -

Wall Damp Test

Damp Test Rods - turn blue for proof of moisture content

Place the stick into the suspect wall or timber. The white strip will turn progressively blue if dampness is present.


Dampness Detector Stick

Measure moisture in walls

No Damp - white (left) Damp - blue (right)

Buy Damp Test - one test stick

£6.50 plus VAT -

Buy Damp Test - box of 50 sticks

£220.00 plus VAT -

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Surveying your own property for dampness problems: a few tips

1. True natural Rising Dampness is the least likely cause of your problems

2. Damp Proof Courses do not break down - usually they are merely covered over ('bridged')

3. High ground levels, faulty gutters, downpipes and overflows are the main culprits

4. Ask us for free advice before spending money

5. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy Damp Proofing or Replastering until you know what is causing the problem.

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