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How to stop flood water - Ultra Sack - self expanding 'sand' bags - easy to carry dry and wet

No more sand, no more filling, easy to carry and store, always ready to use, easy to carry when wet.

Sandbag replacement - sand free bags - gel self expands. Bags packed dry and stored flat.

The 'sand' bags are stored dry, ready for immediate use.

Self Filling sandbags wet and protecting a front doorStore flat self filling sand bags - expand in contact with waterUnderwater photograph of self filling sandbags

Stack when saturated, just like a normal sand bag

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To Purchase Auto Expanding flood sacks

Click to buy Ultra Sack Self Filling 'Sand' Bags - £127.66 per 25, supplied in sealed plastic bag, delivered 1 - 2 days

Click to buy Ultra Sack Self Filling 'Sand' Bags - £51.06 per 10, supplied in sealed plastic bag, delivered 1 - 2 days

Speak to real flood people now on 01626 872886 - qualified staff can provide immediate FREE advice - telephone calls are at normal, national call rates.

* Supplied ready to use

* Easy to store dry and flat

* Require no sand filling

* Auto inflating - absorb 10 litres of water and expand in 5 - 6 minutes

* Can be re-used

* Indefinite shelf life

Soak in at least 10 litres of water per bag, by hose, in a sink, bath or flood, until expanded.

Self filling sandbags dry versus water swollen

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Ultra Sacks contain a harmless inert gel which expands in contact with fresh water (not salt water) to provide a flood barrier just like a conventional sand bag;

- store flat and dry

- expand as soon as soaked with 10 litres of fresh water

- flatten as they dry out, if hung up, say over a fence

- packed in 10's and 25's in sealed plastic bags


Ultra Sack is a revolutionary direct replacement for the traditional 'sand' bag: it is stored flat ready for instant flood defense - no more sand, filling or weight problems.

The bag is made of high quality woven Jute lined with cotton, which are natural, renewable materials.

The gel is an inert granulated product commonly used as a soil expander - it has no effect on the environment.

Make a pile across the doorway - keep a few dry ones to soak up any water that leaks through.

Building a sandbag wall wih self filling sandbags

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Bag Expansion - requires a minimum soaking with at least 10 litres of fresh water to expand to capacity. Use a garden hose, a bath, sink, wheelie bin or other receptacle to allow full soaking.

Bag Size - dry, 50 cm x 25 cm x 5.5mm (20 inches x 10 inches)

Bag Size - wet, maximum, expands from flat to 100mm (4 inches) thick

Packaging (Box of 50 = 330 x 380 x 620mm) Bag, plastic, sealed in 25 = 140mm thick (5.5")

Weight Empty/Full/Re-Dried, 0.42 kg/13 kgs/1.5kgs

Usage Rate - typical examples, 25 sacks, = 2 x doorways, 3 across x 4 high - protects against a 250mm flood depth, 110 sacks = 10 metre run, 450mm flood depth

Building a sack wall in a flowing stream - soak the bags first

Lady up to her angles in flood building a sandbag wall

Note - it is normal for a small amount of inert Gel to reach the bag surface, making it feel slightly sticky. This is harmless and does not reduce its efficiency.

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To Purchase

Click to buy Ultra Sack Self Filling 'Sand' Bags - £127.66 per 25, supplied in sealed plastic bag, delivered 1 - 2 days

Click to buy Ultra Sack Self Filling 'Sand' Bags - £51.06 per 10, supplied in sealed plastic bag, delivered 1 - 2 days

A Testimonial for Aqua Sacks - directly quoted from their E mail:

"Hi from Badgers Sett and the Chattabox Childrens Holiday Club.

A lady in your organisation asked me how the Aqua Sacs worked out.

Well, we have finished this years Holiday Club in the 140ft marquee in some rather wet weather and occasional cloud bursts. In previous years such weather would have caused some flooding in the marquee but thanks to your sacks this year was O K.

As soon as there was any surface water coming under the edges of the marquee we put a row of bags along under the flap of the sides which diverted the water. We also used a few to act as sponges for any wet patches within the Marquee that escaped the side barriers. All in all "it did what it said on the tin."

The drying out does take time, but we were pleased with the overall result. I have put a lot of marquees up in my time which often needed trenches to be dug to prevent water ingress!

So I think you have a market with all the marquee companies, it certainly solves the problem if the marquee is on hard standing or high quality grass where one cannot trench. You can quote me on this.

I wish you luck

Regards David Macey of Badgers Sett"

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