Villa Damp in Mediterranean Countries

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The Mediterranean construction method, (concrete frame with rendered hollow block infill panels), suffers from four main problems. We have simple, effective Guaranteed solutions for you or your local Builder to apply. We are Qualified Surveyors in dampness in buildings. We offer free advice by telephone and E Mail.

1. Black Mold on walls - wash down with our Mold Cleanser, use our Stain Blocking Paint where necessary, then re-paint with our Anti-Mold Additive in your paint. Guaranteed for 5 years. Add 'trickle vents' to window frames, or install a Dehumidifier.

Black mold growing on cold spots

2. White Salts on walls - fluffy white salts can be neutralised using our Salt Neutraliser, if the plaster itself is not damaged. Do not confuse with powdery, outdoor Lime deposits.

Efflorescing salts on plaster

3. Plaster damage, repairs - bubbling, scaling, flaking plaster or render needs to be removed to at least 300mm clear in all directions of the damp area, using a Damp Meter to check for the furthest extent of readings. Replaster to our Specification in sand and cement, finished with Multi-Finish, using Renderproof in the water.

Paint bubbling up due to salting

4. Plaster damage, replacement - instead of sand and cement, particularly where washed, sharp sand is hard to find, you can fit Mesh Membrane. This plastic, dimpled material is fixed to the wall with plastic sealed plugs and can be directly plastered with any type of plaster or render. The new surface is then completely protected from future problems. Guaranteed for 20 years.

Mesh Membrane to protect walls from damp

5. Damp at the wall base - usually caused by rainwater splash up and penetrating damp. You need to seal the wall at the base joints (floor to wall crack) using Fillet Seal. Then the outside wall needs to be 'tanked' using tanking slurry - Bondacryl mixed with fresh cement.

Tanking slurry to stop penetrating damp from splash up

6. Damp Proof Course - damp proofing UltraCure cream should be injected above the splash up zone, say 250mm (10 inches) above external ground level.

Ultracure DPC Cream Injection

7. Damp Meter - essential to check damp patterns and sources in masonry and timber. We supply Damp Meter advice and help you with analysis to solve your specific problems.

Calibrated Damp Meter

8. Humidity Meter (electronic hygrometer) - measure the amount of moisture in the air inside your building and control the level using ventilation or heating, or use a dehumidifier.

Home Humidity Meter - Hygrometer

Quick Cream - specification

We can supply the easiest to use Professional and DIY damp proofing cream on the market.

3 SIMPLE STEPS DPC - click here for photos

New, easy to install, cream product - no pump required, no mess, no smell - includes injection nozzle extension.

A 'damp meter' and surface thermometer (see useful tools for this diagnosis - if not available use the back of your hand to assess the relative dampness of one affected area to another unaffected area..

British Board of Agrèment - BBA Test Certificate No: 02/3961 - as used by the professionals. The BBA is a Government Approved organisation which has been testing building materials for over 30 years. Note - not all damp proofing materials have passed these tests - beware of cheap imitations).

click here for a check list if you want to diagnose your damp

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Quick Cream - sizes

380cc tube with extension nozzle - makes a maximum of 3.5 metres/11 feet of damp proof course in single thickness masonry (spacing interval 120mm/4.5 inch walls). Can be applied with a DIY, standard 380cc version mastic/sealant gun or a professional 380cc skeleton gun (see our Order Form)

1000cc tube with extension nozzle - makes a maximum of 9 metres/30 feet of damp proof course in single thickness masonry (spacing interval 120mm/4.5 inch walls). Requires a professional 1000cc skeleton gun (see our Order Form)

3 litre bulk pack, for professionals - makes a maximum of 27 metres/90 feet of damp proof course in single thickness masonry (spacing interval 120mm/4.5 inch walls). Requires a pump up dispenser.

Optional products:

- Replastering Additive (Rendapruf)

- 'Tanking' waterproofing liquid (Bondacryl)

- Certificate of Product Guarantee

- Salt Neutraliser

- Anti Mould paint

- Professional Skeleton Guns

- Professional Extension Tube (1000cc)

- Anti Dry Rot Paint

Read about damp

.Quick DIY Master Class in Dampness and Condensation Become your own Expert in 1 hour! Buy our "Dampness in Buildings" reprinted book by the great expert Graham Coleman. A great read, short and to the point.

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